Franchise Outsourcing Program

Our Franchise Outsourcing Program will streamline your sales process, reduce overhead and deliver higher quality franchise applicants ready and capable to invest. Here’s how it works….

  • We provide input and on-going data to your marketing department to maximize lead generation strategies
  • We provide input to your legal team to create a Franchise Disclosure Document that is not only compliant, but that serves as the cornerstone of our sales process
  • We provide input on the topics and information presented by the management team during Discovery Day to ensure it complements and builds upon what candidates have already learned
  • We respond to each candidate in 24 hours or less, beginning the “weeks long” structured sales process unique to your brand
  • We qualify each candidate confirming how their financial, managerial and personal experiences match the profile we’ve established together
  • We present to each candidate a comprehensive Program Review that both educates and qualifies them while showcasing your value proposition and opportunity
  • We conduct a detailed review of your FDD with each candidate
  • We ensure that every candidate validates with current Franchise Partners prior to attending Discovery Day
  • We schedule only fully qualified candidates for Discovery Day whose questions are answered and with whom negotiations are eliminated
  • We provide all information required for your legal team to create a Franchise or Development Agreement for a single or multi-unit sale
  • We ensure the agreements have been received, reviewed, executed and returned along with the appropriate fees
  • We provide a monthly status and productivity report with recommendations for ongoing improvement to the lead generation strategy
  • We achieve closing ratios above industry standards
  • We invoice you for “Completed Transactions” only
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