Whether you’ve just begun franchising or have several hundred units in your system, our Franchise Outsourcing Program will streamline your sales process, reduce overhead and deliver higher quality franchise applicants ready and capable to invest. Franchise Outsourcing provides three key benefits:

First, your candidates receive the benefits of working with entrepreneurs and executives who are successful as both franchise owners and franchisors. From the very first conversation we develop a positive experience with your brand by working with candidates on a level that respects their experience and success. We know candidates make decisions based upon personal relationships, not surfing web sites. We deliver committed and qualified candidates ready and able to proceed quickly to a close.

Second, every Franchise System Builders member knows from experience how costly it becomes when a franchise is sold to the wrong candidate. When we say we won’t forward a candidate that we would not accept in our franchise, we mean it. When we say Discovery Day is the final approval day, we mean that too.

Third, we eliminate potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchise development staff salaries, expenses and benefits. Upon execution of a franchise agreement and payment of the Initial Franchise Fee, you pay Franchise System Builders a commission. This frees up capital that can be re-directed to lead generation and other strategies.
Here’s how it works:

We participate with your marketing department or supplier to create the lead generation strategy.

We work with each lead generated preparing those qualified to attend Discovery Day. We will bring you only individuals who:

  • We would accept in our franchise company
  • Are great matches to your profile
  • Have completed an in depth review of your company’s opportunity
  • Have completed an in depth review of your FDD
  • Have validated with your franchise owners
  • Have presented a formal application and fully supported personal financial statement
  • Have decided to invest in your offering and are attending Discovery Day as a final “corporate culture check”.
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We do not accept competitive concepts and do not redirect leads away from your brand.

Contact us to learn how our Franchise Outsourcing Program is different from other alternatives available in the market.